Sunday, September 30, 2018

Shop News 9.30.18

The carb on our moredoor has been dicey since I got the car and seems to seep fuel everywhere. Obviously it needs rebuilding. Last week I decided it was time to get it done and ordered the kit online. Saturday after the parts arrived I pulled the carb and on a whim decided to install the one off the wagon. I had pulled it earlier this year since it's getting a V8 swap and had the carb soaked in organic detergent, cleaned it up, scrubbed it down then set it on the workbench.

I didn't know what to expect since the wagon has sat since the 70s which means there hasn't been any gas though that carb in forty-some odd years. But... the thing did its job and the Savoy fired right up. I took it for a test drive and the beast has more power now than ever. Obviously that other carb is really roached.

Stay tuned!

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