Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Brief History Lesson

My '63 Savoy moredoor should have been written off as a parts car years ago. Even then, with all the rust there wouldn't have been much to save outside of the grill, trim, hood and deck lid. But after seeing how clean the interior was I just couldn't bring myself to tear it apart. After all, since I actually drive it, I spend most of my time inside the car anyway so what difference does it make if the body's a mess? Right?

Anyway... I found the car on Craigslist, local to Grayson, Carter County, Kentucky. It came with original paperwork showing the dealer, date purchased and the owner's name so I eventually did some research online and managed to locate a photo of the dealership as it looked in the mid 70s. The owner was a local woman who probably received the car as a birthday or Christmas gift as suggested by some local residents on a social media genealogy forum who had worked at the dealership at the time and remember the car being sold (you gotta love small towns).

Call it karma, but knowing a little of the car's history just makes me a bit reluctant to part the car out. I guess I consider myself a caretaker of sorts. So, for now I'll continue to use it as a testbed (that's why I've named it Mr. Stein, short for Frankenstein) and work on the car's body as I learn metalwork and brush up and expand my brazing and welding skills.

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