Monday, May 28, 2018

A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

...and it aint moldy bread.

This weekend's work included a pleasant surprise as I set out to swap out the right rear brake drum off my '63 Savoy with one from the Fury parts car, on account I booger'd up one of the studs a couple years back. Gathering my tools and setting to work, the Fury's drum came off a little too easily and I found out why; looks like it had received a brake job not too long before it was parked and abandoned. Parking brake cable too. Next job will be to unbolt both assemblies from the rear axle and put them away for future use.

This last shot is of the right rear brake assembly on the Savoy. One of things that appealed to me when I was considering purchasing the car was the fact that besides being unmolested it had recently received a complete brake job, lines, master cylinder and brake cable. Though I do have a complete set of old school brake tools to do my own work when I have to.

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